Tonight, Nabil Al Mubarak reviews the importance of the credit rating in the economic system


Today, Sunday, from 6 pm to 8 pm, the Saudi Financial Society will host a credit rating symposium for companies listed on the stock market. The guest of the meeting will be Nabil Al Mubarak, CEO of SIMAH Rating Agency, and it will be managed by Abdullah bin Abdul Rahman Al Rabdi, Board Member of the Saudi Financial Society "Safa" .

The symposium will discuss 6 axes:

The first axis: the concept of credit rating

The second axis: the importance of credit rating in the economic system.

The third axis: What is the importance of classification as a business enablement?

The fourth axis: the benefits of classification for companies.

The fifth axis: the importance of classification for the financial sector and the rationalization of spending.

Sixth Axis: The impact of classification on the economic and financial sectors and determining its importance in financing various sectors.

And "Safa" said the link to participate in the seminar will be announced on the association’s account on Twitter, safa_org.